[Recipes] Delete an Index and Domain in Amazon ES


Delete the index (employee) and Amazon ES Domain (es-demo-domain) created in previous recipes.

Solution Summary: 

You can delete an index from Kibana, command line or any HTTP client.

You can delete an Amazon ES Domain either from AWS Console or AWS CLI.

Solution Steps: 

Case 1 - Delete Index from Elasticsearch

curl -XDELETE <endpoint>/employee

Note: In real world, you will also need to configure and use authentication while making requests against Amazon ES from command line. See bulk update note on Elastic Cloud for syntax to pass username and password.


Case 2 - Delete Domain from CLI

aws es delete-elasticsearch-domain --domain-name <domain-name>

Note: You will need to configure your AWS credentials in your local machine. See AWS section for more details.


Case 3 - Delete Domain from AWS Console

  1. Login to AWS Console and go to Amazon ES.

  2. Select your domain on the left and click 'Delete Domain'.

  3. Check the checkbox as a confirmation for delete and click 'Delete'.

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