[Recipes] Terms Lookup Mechanism (Multi-Index Relations)


Need to lookup terms from a document in another index and do queries in current index based on that.

Solution Summary: 

We can use the terms lookup mechanism to specify a terms filter with a lot of terms from documents in another index. 


Working Elasticsearch and Kibana.

If following indexes exist, delete them as follows:

  • PUT hackathon_employees

  • PUT hackathon_teams

Solution Steps: 

Data Setup

PUT hackathon_employees
PUT hackathon_teams

PUT hackathon_employees/_doc/1
  "name": "Heartin",
  "empid" : "xxx"

PUT hackathon_employees/_doc/2
  "name": "KK",
  "empid" : "yyy"

PUT hackathon_employees/_doc/3
  "name": "John Doe",
  "empid" : "zzz"

PUT hackathon_teams/_doc/1
  "name": "Cloudericks",
  "members" : ["Heartin" , "KK"]


Cross index join search (terms lookup)

GET hackathon_employees/_search
  "query": {
    "terms": {
      "name.keyword": {
        "index": "hackathon_teams",
        "type": "_doc",
        "id" : "1",
        "path": "members"


  1. This query will look for all terms within "members" for the given field and match it against "name.keyword".

  2. We use the keyword type for name as "terms" queries are not analyzed.

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