Useful Tips and Tricks for AWS Beginners

This is a running note where I add any tips or tricks that may help AWS Beginners.

  1. You can pin any commonly used services using the pin icon on the task bar in Management Console.

  2. AWS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculators allow you to estimate the cost savings when using AWS and provide a detailed set of reports that can be used in executive presentations. Read more here.

  3. Cloud services can be deviced into three core areas: Compute, Networking, Storage. Popular compute services are EC2, Lambda, ECS, Fargate, EKS, lightsail. Popular in netowking is VPC. Popular in Storage is S3, EBS, RDS, DynamoDB. Find out more AWS services in these areas.

  4. Useful archetecture related concepts to read/revise:

    1. AWS Well Archetected Framework.

      1. Read more:

        1. architecture/well-architected/

        2. PDF

    2. 5 Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Read more here.

  5. Useful security related concepts to read/revise:

    1. Shared responsibility model

    2. Least previlege principle

  6. Useful networking related concepts to read/revise:

    1. OSI Reference Model

    2. TCP/IP Reference Model

    3. Subnets

    4. CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing)

  7. Read and learn about Virtualization (Hypervisor, Virtual Machines), Containers (Docker) and Container Orchestration (Kubernetes). 


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