DynamoDB Integrations

  1. DynamoDB is integrated with Elasticsearch using the Amazon DynamoDB Logstash Plugin.

    1. With this integration, you can easily search DynamoDB content such as messages, locations, tags, and keywords.

  2. DynamoDB is integrated with Titan Graph Database, allowing fast traversal of all kinds of relationships, such as social networks, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory, logistics management, pattern matching, and recommendation engines and more.

  3. Amazon DynamoDB uses proven cryptographic methods to authenticate users and also integrates with AWS IAM.

  4. We can use Amazon EMR to analyze datasets stored in DynamoDB and archive the results in Amazon S3, while keeping the original dataset in DynamoDB intact.

  5. When can copy data from a DynamoDB table into Amazon Redshift, and then perform complex data analysis queries on that data, including joins with other tables in your Amazon Redshift cluster.

  6. We can use AWS Data Pipeline to automate data movement and transformation into and out of Amazon DynamoDB.

  7. Using Triggers, you can automatically execute AWS Lambda when item level changes are detected in a DynamoDB table.

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