[Recipes] Launching an EC2 instance


You need to create and launch an EC2 instance with free tier configuration.

Solution Summary: 

We will create and launxh an EC2 instance with the free T2 micro instance type.


This lab assumes that you have already created an account, logged in and done basic IAM configurations.  This lab also assumes that you have created a billing alarm for some amount, just in case you do something and are billed unknowingly.

Solution Steps: 

  1. Login to AWS console and go to EC2 page.

  2. Click on Launch Instance.

  3. Select Amazon Linux AMI, that comes prebuilt with many tools such as AWS command line tools, Python, Ruby, Perl, and Java. Note: Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is a snapshot of a VM.

  4. Select t2 micro instance type and click next.

  5. At the page “Configure Instance Details”, leave most options as is (Number of instances, Purchasing option, Network, Subnet, Auto-assign Public IP, IAM role, Shutdown behavior, Monitoring, Tenancy etc.). just enable “Protect against accidental termination”. Click Next.

  6. Verify the options in the Add Storage page (leave defaults) and click next

  7. On the Add tags page, add following tags as key-value pairs:

    1. Name, BuddyTutorDemoServer

    2. Team, Dev

  8. On the security config page, leave everything as default except below:

    1. Change name and description both as BTDemoDMZ

    2. Leave the SSH rule as is.

      1. Note: You can restrict source of SSH to MyIP to allow only logins from your IP. However, if your IP gets changed for any reason (e.g. router restart if applicable), you will not be able to login to the instance again.

    3. Add additional rules for HTTP and HTTPS. Ports 80 and 443 will be populated automatically.

  9. Click on Review and Launch

  10. Review all configurations and click on Launch to launch. (Assuming you have not created a key-pair) you will see a message that: No key pairs found.

  11. Select the option: Create a new key-pair and give the keypair name as BuddyTutorEC2DemoKeyPair.

  12. Click Download keypair and save it.

  13. Now lick on Launch and you should see: Your instances are now launching.

  14. Click on Instances and wait until your instance status is running.

  15. Select the instance and click on Connect. Select the option SSH to get the steps to connect using SSH. You can either do it on your own or follow the steps in the next lab.


Important Points (Exam Tips)

  1. One subnet for one availability zone. Can’t have one subnet across multiple availability zones.

  2. You can select delete on termination option to delete an EBS associated with an EC2 instance when the EC2 instance is terminated.

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