[Recipes] Explore Various Console Options For an EC2 Instance


We have launched a new EC2 instance. Need to explore various console options available.

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Explore varoius options available on the console, read their tool tips and try to understand them better.


Created and launched an EC2 instance as given in: Launching an EC2 instance.

Solution Steps: 

  1. Login to AWS console and go to EC2 page.

  2. Go to Instances page and select your instance.

  3. Copy and run the Public DNS (IPv4) on a browser, and you should see the index.html file loaded with “Hello Buddy!” text. Public DNS has the form: http://ec2-54-71-189-77.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com/

  4. Explore the status checks tab: Status checks detect problems that may impair this instance from running your applications.

    1. System Status Checks - These checks monitor the AWS systems required to use this instance and ensure they are functioning properly.

    2. Instance Status Checks - These checks monitor your software and network configuration for this instance.

  5. Explore the Monitoring tab: Can find CloudWatch Alarms and CloudWatch Metrics.

    1. By default, only basic monitoring is enabled. You can click on “Enable Detailed Monitoring” to enable detailed monitoring for your instance to get these metrics at 1-minute frequency.

    2. Similarly, once detailed monitoring is enabled, you can click on “Disable Detailed Monitoring” to disable detailed monitoring.


Exam Tips

  1. You cannot encrypt the root volume of the default instance that AWS provides, need to do it while creating the AMI. However, additional EBS volumes can be encrypted now while creating an instance. You can also use a tool such as bit locker to encrypt the root volume.

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