Stage files in the repository and commit it

  1. Open the Git bash.

  2. Open your repository in which the file is present to be staged, in the terminal by running the commands “cd <repository name>”, then “dir”.

  3. You will see the file present in the repository.

  4. Do some changes in the file by editing it in the notepad or VS code. After the changes, It will now become unstaged.

  5. Before committing, you have to stage this file.

  6. Run the command “git status”. You can see the file which is not staged. It is red in colour.

  7. Run the command “git add”, then “git status”.

  8. You can now see that the file is staged. It is green in colour.

  9. To commit the file, Run the command “git commit -m <A comment>”
    (Refer to the picture)

  10. You have to give a meaningful comment so that it can verify why you have committed this file.

  11. Run the command “git status”. You can see that the file has been committed.

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