AWS Trusted Advisor Recommendations

Following are some of the recommendations available under security for the basic plan: Security Groups - Specific Ports Unrestricted (Alert), Amazon EBS Public Snapshots, Amazon RDS Public Snapshots, Amazon S3 Bucket Permissions, IAM Use, MFA on Root Account etc. 

Following are some of the recommendations available under fault tolerance for the basic plan: Auto Scaling Groups, CloudFormation Stacks, DynamoDB Read Capacity, EBS Active Snapshots,  EC2 Elastic IP Addresses, ELB Application Load Balancers, IAM Users, Kinesis Shards per Region, RDS Cluster, Parameter Groups, Route 53 Hosted Zones, SES Daily Sending Quota, VPC Elastic IP Address etc. 

Following are some of the recommendations available under security for the full trusted advisor: Security Groups - Unrestricted Access, IAM Password Policy, Amazon RDS Security Group Access Risk, Amazon Route 53 MX Resource Record Sets and Sender Policy Framework, AWS CloudTrail Logging, ELB Listener Security, ELB Security Groups, CloudFront Custom SSL Certificates in the IAM Certificate Store, CloudFront SSL Certificate on the Origin Server, IAM Access Key Rotation, Exposed Access Keys etc. 

Following are some of the recommendations available under fault tolerance for the full trusted advisor: Amazon EBS Snapshots, Amazon EC2 Availability Zone Balance, Load Balancer Optimization, VPN Tunnel Redundancy, Auto Scaling Group Resources, Amazon RDS Backups, Amazon RDS Multi-AZ, Auto Scaling Group Health Check, Amazon S3 Bucket Logging, Amazon Route 53 Name Server Delegations, ELB Cross-Zone Load Balancing, Amazon S3 Bucket Versioning, AWS Direct Connect Connection Redundancy, Amazon Aurora DB Instance Accessibility, PV Driver Version for EC2 Windows Instances, EC2Config Service for EC2 Windows Instances, ENA Driver Version for EC2 Windows Instances, NVMe Driver Version for EC2 Windows Instances etc.

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