Amazon Dynamo DB Essentials

This section contains the study notes for DynamoDB. Initial set of notes cover the essentials, which is followed by some advanced topics. If you have any doubts or questions, please ask as a comment and if it is a valid question we will create a page and share the link.

Additional Notes:

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

AWS Security Essentials

Here I will add notes on security basics and IAM. While some of them are very basic some of them might be best understood after understanding other services. So please feel free to come back and read them again once you learn notes from other books.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Apache Kafka Notes

Apache Kafka is an open source publish-subscribe based distributed messaging system. From the architecture perspective, Kafka is closer to traditional messaging systems such as ActiveMQ or RabitMQ. However from a Big Data and Hadoop perspective, Kafka can be compared with Scribe or Flume as it is useful for processing activity stream data.

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Data Management+

Data management and data pipeline tools


Learn Serverless from Serverless Programming Cookbook


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